A riot of colours !

Holi painting - Krishna and Radha

It had been a long time since I had done a painting of Radha & Krishna. Now that it is the holi season, I felt that it would be apt to sketch one. Holi has many legends associated with it but the one most known is probably the story of Krishna’s antics at Vrindavan where he smears colours on Radha’s face to overcome his jealousy of her having a fairer complexion as compared to him.

The idea was to come up with a colourful picture with Radha & Krishna in the background. I browsed for some inspiration but with just a couple of hours of Advika’s nap at hand, had to go for a design with minimum brush strokes. Well, at first look, you must be wondering if Advika had dropped some paint on the canvas 🙂 But it is not, the design is intentional! The drop, dab & smudge technique is what I adopted for this painting. The end result was a lil messy but that’s what holi is all about, get yourself coloured, soak in the sun and have lot of fun 🙂

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