Navratri Kholu 2012

Kholu is one of those occasions where there is ample opportunity to try all the “art & craft” ideas you have. This year too, it was no different. The evening light gave a golden glow to the idols, of course ensuring that every god got his due.

navratri kholu village park

navratri kholu village park

Traditionally, every kholu is accompanied by a Rangoli. This year, i chose the design of a couple doing the Dandiya, inspired probably by our frequent visits to the Village restaurant. A chariot procession along with a music band was also kept at the side of the main Kholu.

navratri kholu village park

I had also created a setup to resemble a doll/puppet house, where there were handmade dolls displayed on the upper deck with a shadow puppet show at the bottom.

navratri kholu village park

navratri kholu village park

navratri kholu village park

A kholu is just incomplete without a park. I chose to make a village scene trying to get in many aspects of a typical village. the name was Magaram – Magarpatta + Gramam (Tamil for village).

navratri kholu village park

The village has few houses,a railway station, a temple, a school and even a clock-tower. I had sown Ragi seeds all over for the greenery. There is a field next to the school, from where the produce is taken on the road to the market. A sign of modern times, the village also had a “Magaram Eye” – a giant-wheel for tourists to have a bird’s-eye view of the village life.

navratri kholu village park

navratri kholu village park

navratri kholu village park

The paper lanterns which i had kept on the ground last year found a place a little higher this time. An aerial shot of the kholu…

navratri kholu village park

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13 Responses

  1. Sashi says:

    Hey all cool pics

  2. Sriram Sethuraman says:

    Super, very beautiful. Wht happ to castle? Too incomplete?

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Vidya always a rock star!!!

  4. Srividhya says:

    Lovely!!aksharuma would have enjoyed a lott:)

  5. Ganesh says:

    Lot of innovation and thinking have gone in to the dispaly. Congrats. Gud work done.Keep it up.

  6. kailasam Mama says:


    You’r excelling yourself every year! Good imagination had gone into making this kolu! Congrats!

  7. vidhya says:

    Thanks everyone.
    Sriram, yeah….did not get time to complete the castle …Will complete it during diwali holidays and then the finished product will go to Akshara’s room for her to play .

  8. Jayanthi says:

    Very nicely done..

  9. Swetha says:

    very cute ….. sema finishing

  10. Sudha says:

    Hey, superb display of golu and the art and craft. The puppet house was very innovative. 🙂 I like your urban village. 🙂 scene.
    nice job.. keep it up.

  11. Sharanya says:

    Very cute kholu akka 🙂

  12. mathangi says:

    after a pretty long time only today i opened the facebook.i liked the theme of puppet and the shadow.also i want to know about the lotus kolam?is it readymade or is it handmade give me details

  13. vidhya says:

    Lotus kolam was just a rangoli done by me 🙂

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