Apr 09


Every time I see the old newspapers lying in the storeroom they remind me patiently “free us from this place”. I have been behind Rajaram for months to get this cleaned up but I guess the time has not come yet. So, just for a change I chose few privileged newspapers, moved them to our coffee table after transforming them into beautiful coasters. I am not sure if the newspapers were happy after being soaked in so much glue and colours but they definitely brightened up my coffee table :-)

written by Vidhya

Mar 26


Abstract paintings are those that directly represent our thoughts and have no reference to copy from. For a change, I have tried to replicate one of the abstract paintings that I saw on the internet and have given my own color and meaning to the picture.
Whenever Rajaram and I have seen abstract paintings with geometrical patterns, we have always wondered as to what was so great about them .But then, after getting to work on this abstract painting, I realised that the greatness is in the thought of the painter and not in the design. The owner alone has the privilege of knowing the true value of it. The next time you bump into some abstract painting, take a min to draw your own conclusion on the image. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but an abstract picture is worth a thousand interpretations :-)
Wondering why the leaves in the picture are blue as opposed to being green or in some fall color? Well, that’s why it’s an abstract ;-)

written by Vidhya

Mar 23

krishna glass painting

This is officially my first glass painting as the previous one was just a trial on a jam bottle .The chosen theme again is the divine Krishna. Whenever I think of painting something new the only one that appears in my mind is “Krishna” maybe because I can choose to play with all the primary and secondary colors. Not all Gods give you the liberty to paint them so colorfully without their originality being lost :-)

Well, glass painting was not so easy as I thought. I haven’t learnt any of these painting techniques and just get to learn them on a trial and error basis. Here are some tips to get started

- On a piece of white paper (equal to the size of your glass) draw/make print of the painting U would like to do. This will act as a template
- Place the print below the glass and tape them together so that it doesn’t move.
- With the help of a glass liner make an outline of the entire image.
- Once the outline is done let the image dry for 2-3 hrs. Note: Do not be in a hurry to fill colors without the liner being dry.
- Fill in colours and try to avoid air bubbles.
- Allow the picture to dry for 24 hrs.
- Frame it!

There are different framing techniques for a glass painting. Some of them advise to keep a sheet of crumbled aluminium foil at the back so that the painting gets a shine. But then I didn’t want that shine for my picture and so resorted to a double glass framing with a white sheet background.. This also gave me the benefit of keeping my painting dust free.

written by Vidhya

Mar 14


A simple one hour twist and curl best-out-of-waste project! There was some wood work going on in our house and our carpenter was kind enough to litter the house with wood waste. Rather than just throw them away, I decided to use their natural curves in an artwork. The hair in the pic is done with just these golden wood shavings :-)

A closer look ….

written by Vidhya

Mar 11

Warli Art from Maharashtra
Warli painting is a tribal art-form from Maharashtra. The paintings usually depict scenes from daily life. The important aspect of these paintings is that the themes are never mythological and the figures are devoid of colours.
I had not tried my hand at warli-style painting until now. To start with, I thought of making something very simple like the warli procession. You might see a bit of color in this design as I like to add color to anything & everything in life. In this artwork, I have tried to make both ends meet – the East & the West. The frame that has been used for the painting is a typical north east handicraft , a coaster by itself. Usually, I do not miss any of the handicraft exhibitions that come up in the city and I make it a point to buy simple, yet nice and not so expensive stuff for my collection. This coaster was bought in one such expo and now I have totally changed its purpose, to hold my painting. I am sure that the coaster would be very delighted to hold some cool painting rather than a cup of hot tea :-)

written by Vidhya

Mar 04

jute bag painting

Jute bags are in fashion nowadays as they are eco-friendly, reusable, durable and of course elegant too. I have been sporting some for few years now. Recently, I had bought plain jute bags with the idea that I would make some nice embroidery designs on them but ended up painting my daughter’s and niece’s name. I am pretty sure that Akshara and Laya would grow up and love shopping the way I do and these bags will come in very handy then :-)

jute bag painting

Just like Newton’s third law “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, Akshara has to come up with something similar to whatever craft I do. Before I start with my work I need to equip her with all the raw materials, else my projects would seldom survive. I post some of her work on my blog and some I don’t, for obvious reasons. Here is what she had painted on a canvas bag. Its a little incomplete owing to her level of patience :-)

jute bag painting

written by Vidhya

Mar 01


The onset of Spring just makes it perfect to indulge in flower art. If you ask Akshara as to what her favourite food is,her spontaneous reaction would be, Pasta! If the same pasta with some added colours were to be used in a craft activity ,that’s enough to keep her smiling the whole day :-) I wanted to exhaust some old stock of pasta and food colours. This activity provided the right opportunity. Just started off with the idea of some flowers and leaves and Akshara did a good job of sticking them together.

To add on to the fun, we also made some colorful pasta necklaces that Akshara and I could flaunt ;-)



written by Vidhya

Feb 28


It has been quite some time since I had done some paper quilling. I decided to work on this “7 Ds” thought board which I plan to place in Akshara’s room. I am sure it will take at-least 7 more years for her to fully understand the meaning of the words on this board :-)
The definition of Success varies from person to person and for me, these 7Ds pretty much define it. The words are self explanatory but one may wonder about some of them being synonyms. I would say that the minor difference does help in climbing the ladder without losing a single step.
As a child I have had many dreams, but had never taken them seriously enough until I got the chance to meet Dr.Abdul Kalam. He happens to be an alumnus of our college (From one of the earliest batches of aeronautical engineers at M.I.T Chennai) and I was from “the golden batch” (as we, the 50th graduating batch, were called). I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet him personally. The only thing that he went around asking the students was “What is your dream?” and I still cannot forget that day and will always treasure it as one of the best experiences of my life.
Destiny is something that we achieve after a struggle, but then dreams are beyond that. There is no end to one’s dreams. This is the reason the word “Dream” tops my rainbow spectrum, even above destiny. Dream BIG, they convert into thoughts and finally into results. Once that is done, go back to the start and re-live the infinite loop of the 7Ds!

written by Vidhya

Feb 12


I scream U scream which flavour do U want? “dulce de leche” !
Do you need a reason to have chocolates and ice creams ? I eat them whenever I feel happy , want to feel happy and of course, when I am hungry :-) This week, as a treat to all the happy hearts I decided to bring together chocolate and ice cream in this yummy creation, which i have proudly christened “choccupice”- vanilla ice cream served in edible chocolate cups.

I have used cooking chocolate (white & dark) to make the chocolate cups. The method is quite simple ..
1. Heat together white and dark chocolate at a low flame until it melts and comes to a pourable consistency. Note: Use double boiling technique and do not heat the chocolate directly.
2. Allow the mixture to cool a bit and then pour it into the paper cups. The mixture should be thick enough that it will coat the paper cups with a thick layer of chocolate. Note: To get designs on your cup just play around with white and dark chocolate.
3. Refrigerate the cups coated with chocolate.
4. Once set, tear open the paper part of the cup.You should get a clean mould.
Now the chocolate cup is ready to hold your ice cream.

The hearts jutting out of the chopsticks are purely made of marie biscuit powder, milk powder and milkmaid. The choccupice came out so well that even the “hearts” wanted to have a bite of them! Akshara & Rajaram were totally delighted seeing the outcome of this dessert and I had to safeguard it before I could picture it for this post :-)

written by Vidhya

Feb 07


Yet another canvas painting on my favourite theme “Krishna”. This time, the colours reflect the motherhood sentiment as Krishna bonds with his maiyya Yashodha. I was inspired to replicate this painting after seeing it at my doctor’s clinic.
It’s a known fact that Yashodha did not give birth to Krishna, but still we consider her to be the epitome of motherly affection. It need not be necessarily “motherhood”, but the compassion that every women has within herself which happens to be one of the best things that God has bestowed on her. This morning Rajaram suggested me to take 10 mins off from my so called busy time to see a short movie that seemed to be a tribute to motherhood. I, as a mother, was able to relate to every scene that appeared, but the end was something that took me by surprise. It was then that I realised the true intention of that movie. A must watch for the men to appreciate the beauty in women and for the women to realize how beautiful they are :-)

written by Vidhya