Transfomers: From a rocking crib to a “rocking” couch

baby crib
Akshara’s crib from Cyprus.

Kid’s first dress – neatly ironed and saved inside a cover.
Kid’s first shoe – properly cleaned and stored inside a shoe box.
But what do you do with your kid’s favourite crib?
Dismantling it and keeping it in the attic doesnt sound very interesting. We dismantled it – in parts, such that each part gets a new name!

kids crib to a reading couch
Say hello to part 1, a reading couch!

Strengthening the base ensured that even us, who weigh a little more than our kids, can comfortably sit on it 🙂

crib rail to a photo frame wall

Part 2, the crib rail, transformed into a photo frame wall.

So, what do i transform next???

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2 Responses

  1. Jayanthi says:

    Hey,awesome. As you said, we would have only dismantled and stored! This is super cool!

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