Dolls, but not from Russia

Every Golu (during Navratri), I make some dolls to be kept along with the idols. This year (2013), when i was rummaging through our “art-attic”, i found some coloured shuttlecocks. I have heard about shuttlecock dolls from my aunt but never had the chance to make them …so this was the right time to give it a try. This post is a special dedication to my Sugandha periamma who always had a passion for art.

Dolls made out of shuttlecocks

Dolls made out of shuttlecocks

They are very simple and easy to make. The shuttlecock acts as the main structure. I have then adorned them with some muffin paper cups which makes the dress, jelly pouches for the hat , earbuds for the hands, woollen thread for the hair and so on ..Feel free to craft it in anyway your imagination takes you 🙂

Well last year too I had made some dolls out of waste yakult bottles. My MIL who is super artistic gave me some ideas and we came up with a museum of dolls 🙂


My original idea was to make dolls representing each state in India but ended up making similar ones.




The same yakult bottles can be crafted in a different manner depending on the occasion. My MIL was sweet enough to come up with this beautiful angel which we had made for my friend’s babyshower.The gown was made of simple white crepe paper(pleated) with some glitter on it. A little care needs to be taken when the facial expression is drawn to bring out the subtle smile and the warmth in the eyes. The wings and the wand made them truly magical and adorable 🙂

Made out of Yakult Bottle

made out of yakult bottle

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2 Responses

  1. Vidhya….thanks a bunch. Was looking forward for this post and love these adorable dolls. Handmade goodness ! bringing lot more warmth than store bought and it so much fun in making these 🙂
    These fairies are inviting me and christmas round the corner is a good reason to start with these 😛 Now I don’t have an art-attic ! Will have to figure what could be used for making these 🙂

  2. Vidhya says:

    Thanks for U’r comment Anu. Appreciate it 🙂

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