Athithi Kab Aaoge?

अतिथि देवो भवः

which means guests are God and should be treated like one.


For some time now I have been thinking of putting some art work at the entrance of our house to welcome our guests . It ended up in this warm welcome frame that I made using the thermocol boards which are used for packaging. I believe that floral designs with inspiring words bring warmth to a soul and hence decided to picture it on this frame. I have used acrylic colors to paint the patterns. Initially, I had planned to put just a picture of us in this frame as they say “a picture speaks a thousand words” 🙂 but then owing to privacy/publicity issues (if hung at the entrance) I changed it to include quotes based on a monthly theme.

thermocol photo frame

After coming back from Cyprus we have always had guests coming to our home and every time I must say that our happiness has increased a dozen fold. These days, with the concept of nuclear families being so popular, a guest is usually not well understood by the younger generation. This reminds me of a soft & funny movie “Athithi tum kab jaoge ?” in which the emotions and the experiences of a young couple , when their distant uncle comes to their house unannounced, have been beautifully essayed. Do watch it to have a hearty laugh but again don’t miss to infer the subtle message that the movie has to offer.

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