Summer Cooler – Blend, Strain, Drink !

green summer cooler drink

The tartness of this fermented drink caused by the action of lactic acid bacteria and the health benefits due to the probiotic microbes in it make it a favourite for the summer season. Btw, this drink is known as buttermilk, in simpler terms! Effect of writing a post after reading too many “3-idiots” jokes 🙂

Since the “flavour” of the season seems to be “go green”, I decided to add a dash of green to the standard buttermilk. Blend together a handful of mint leaves, curry leaves, coriander leaves, pieces of raw mango, ginger, gooseberry along with some curd,salt and asafoetida. Strain the blended mixture by adding lot of water to get the thin desired consistency.
Sip away your drink and have a cool day !

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2 Responses

  1. Sashidhar says:

    Thanks SIS. I will try this home.

  2. PriyaGautham says:

    Hi Mrs.Vidhya, Pranams to your artistic mind and ability… Found your blog while googling about navrathri… Indeed a great find for a person like me who has absolute zilch creativity… Gonna try one or two of your ideas… Thnaks for posting and do continue your great work…

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