Nov 01

Diwali is the season of Diyas. Diyas of all colours flood the marketplace. This year, i decided to make my own. So, i got some plain brown ones (the mud ones with no paint on them) and decided to decorate them myself. Any of the shops which sell diyas usually have these plain ones too.

handmade decorative diya for diwali

You can use acrylic colours for painting on the plain diyas. Acrylic mettalic colours can used for the shine and glitter glue for pseudo 3d effect. I got my colours from Hobby Ideas.

handmade decorative diya for diwali

I got around a dozen of these and tried various colour combinations. I also coloured an old camel diya set which i have used earlier in kholus.

handmade decorative diya for diwali

Job well done 🙂 Indistinguishable from the ones you get from the shop!

handmade decorative diya for diwali

handmade decorative diya for diwali

written by Vidhya

12 Responses to “Handmade Decorative Diyas for Diwali”

  1. 1. Sriram Sethuraman Says:

    Wonderful. 🙂

  2. 2. pradeepthi Says:

    Too good…Superb work Vidhya as always:-)

  3. 3. Neelima Says:

    Superb !!! Very Nice work and color combination is excellent.

  4. 4. Srividhya Gopalan Says:

    wow..bright and colorful:)truly indistinguishable from the ones in the market!!!:)

  5. 5. Anupama Says:

    wow Vid..this is gorgeous. I too picked up some plain ones this time mainly ‘coz it was off-season 🙂 was planning on decorating them and have some idea now 🙂 .. btw did you soak them in water & dry…before this deco ?

  6. 6. vidhya Says:

    Hi Anu,
    Nope re …I didn’t soak them in water …Just painted them. But for the finish to be long lasting it is good to apply a coat of varnish in the end…

  7. 7. Sujitha Rajesh Says:

    Look Beautiful
    good work

  8. 8. Jayanthi Says:

    Very colourful!!

  9. 9. Vidya Says:

    Mesmerising! You can open a boutique next time!

  10. 10. nisha Says:

    can u please give ideas for plain circle shape diyas

  11. 11. vidhya Says:


    Well, for plain diyas
    1.) you may coat them with bright metallic acrylic colours , line the top rim with contrast glitter glue. This will be a simple decoration.
    2.) you may add some rhinestones, pearls on the side walls of the diya in some pattern of your choice . These gems can be stuck with fevicol or glitter glue itself
    3.) Also , you make decorate a small square (piece of wood aprrox 10*10 cm ..) with kundan, rhinestone …..and then place the metallic acrylic colour coated diyas in the middle of this block. This will enhace the look of your simple diya 🙂

  12. 12. Swati Raman Garg Says:

    this is one of the best hand painted diyas i have ever seen ! i have soem acrylic paint at home and am tempted..

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