Home-Made Ganapati for Vinayaka Chaturthi

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19 Responses

  1. priya says:

    Excellent vidhya….super Ganesha…..

  2. priya says:

    Excellent vidhya….super Ganapathi….

  3. KRG says:


  4. Pradeepthi says:

    Too Good Vidhya and Akshara:-)

  5. Sharanya says:

    Nice job akka 🙂

  6. alok agarwal says:

    very nice sir, you rock

  7. Sashi says:

    Vidhu/Raja/Aksharu…. The new generation of Vinayakar is too gud. Keep it up

  8. Sriram Sethuraman says:

    Superoooo super. 😀

  9. Vidhya says:

    Thanks to all 🙂

  10. anandi says:

    superlative degree of superthan po!

  11. sethuraman says:

    excellent Vidya
    was the smaller Pilliar really made by Kannamma?

  12. Ramesh Bupathy says:

    Super Pillaiyar, kalakkureenga! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. kailasam Mama says:

    Vidhya, you’ve done it again. You have the creativity and also the patience to execute! Congrats to you & Akshara, [like mother, like daughter]!

  14. Jayanthi says:

    Wow.. Vidhya and Akshara well done..

  15. Anupama Puneeth says:

    wonderful…if you ever know this – you are more creative than you think/know 😛 The ganesha looks great and he must be impressed too 🙂

  16. Vidhya says:

    Thanks Anu …”mera post thera like thera comment mera like “… Hope U got to see this AD when U were in India 🙂

  17. Sujatha says:

    Hats off Vidhya … u r creative . Nice Idol.

  18. Akila Gopal says:

    Hello Vidhya, This is my first visit to your website, and it looks very warm and cute. The activities you’ve done with your daughter remind me of my own childhood times growing up with cousins and family. I’m fascinated by your vinayakar clay idol. I live in the States and I’m wondering if you could share some tips on how to get the shape. My aspirations are fairly small now – I just want to give this a try and see 🙂 Many thanks, Akila

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