Art for Heart’s sake !


I scream U scream which flavour do U want? “dulce de leche” !
Do you need a reason to have chocolates and ice creams ? I eat them whenever I feel happy , want to feel happy and of course, when I am hungry 🙂 This week, as a treat to all the happy hearts I decided to bring together chocolate and ice cream in this yummy creation, which i have proudly christened “choccupice”- vanilla ice cream served in edible chocolate cups.

I have used cooking chocolate (white & dark) to make the chocolate cups. The method is quite simple ..
1. Heat together white and dark chocolate at a low flame until it melts and comes to a pourable consistency. Note: Use double boiling technique and do not heat the chocolate directly.
2. Allow the mixture to cool a bit and then pour it into the paper cups. The mixture should be thick enough that it will coat the paper cups with a thick layer of chocolate. Note: To get designs on your cup just play around with white and dark chocolate.
3. Refrigerate the cups coated with chocolate.
4. Once set, tear open the paper part of the cup.You should get a clean mould.
Now the chocolate cup is ready to hold your ice cream.

The hearts jutting out of the chopsticks are purely made of marie biscuit powder, milk powder and milkmaid. The choccupice came out so well that even the “hearts” wanted to have a bite of them! Akshara & Rajaram were totally delighted seeing the outcome of this dessert and I had to safeguard it before I could picture it for this post 🙂

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  1. yumm .. loved the chocolate cup idea 🙂

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