Yashodha’s Kanhaiya !


Yet another canvas painting on my favourite theme “Krishna”. This time, the colours reflect the motherhood sentiment as Krishna bonds with his maiyya Yashodha. I was inspired to replicate this painting after seeing it at my doctor’s clinic.
It’s a known fact that Yashodha did not give birth to Krishna, but still we consider her to be the epitome of motherly affection. It need not be necessarily “motherhood”, but the compassion that every women has within herself which happens to be one of the best things that God has bestowed on her. This morning Rajaram suggested me to take 10 mins off from my so called busy time to see a short movie that seemed to be a tribute to motherhood. I, as a mother, was able to relate to every scene that appeared, but the end was something that took me by surprise. It was then that I realised the true intention of that movie. A must watch for the men to appreciate the beauty in women and for the women to realize how beautiful they are 🙂

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